Diamond Bracelets


Steve’s Fine Jewelry is the area’s exclusive dealer of the Add A Link diamond bracelet collection by Kasper & Esh of New York founded in 1916 and now a third generation company.

There are over 160 styles available and even if yours was started prior to 1950 additional links will be available.

The Kasper & Esh brand maintains the highest quality available and will make a lasting impression on the loved ones who receive it. All of the diamonds used are perfectly matched to each other and consistently G to H color and VS in clarity.

You may start your bracelet with as many links as your heart desires. Links can be added one at a time. We remove the gold-filled snake chain as links are added to maintain a custom fit.

Please call for current pricing. If you already have an Add A Link bracelet and desire more links we can send you the links for a local goldsmith to install or you can send us your bracelet and we will put your new links on for free.