How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry

Tarnished jewelry is a common problem that many people encounter regularly. Typically, this occurs when jewelry is not carefully cared for. Regular cleaning helps to prevent tarnished jewelry and keeps jewelry looking new. Regular cleaning also prevents unpleasant smells that can arise from food or body products stuck inside of jewelry. Additionally, jewelry stuck in a kitchen sink can permanently damage it. Since jewelry is a valuable possession, it’s important to take good care of it.

Jewelry should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking good. It’s important to avoid storing your jewelry in a kitchen sink since this can damage the jewelry and destroy its surface. Instead, store your jewelry in jewelry boxes or other storage compartments that are free from harsh chemicals. Regular cleaning removes tarnishy residue and helps prevent smells from accumulating inside of jewelry. Additionally, you should use a soft brush to gently clean your jewelry- preferably with a mild soap solution. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean inside of earrings and other small areas. After cleaning, you should avoid wearing your jewelry for several hours to let it dry completely. This allows all the odors to dissipate and preserves the condition of your jewelry.

Oftentimes, failure to clean jewelry causes it to become tarnishy. Foods and other matter trapped inside of jewelry causes it to dull and darken over time. This happens because food rots into the spaces inside of jewelry; no one wants to see their precious pieces damaged by contaminated items. To clean tarnished jewelry, you must first remove any damaged parts using a scalpel or other fine tool. Next, you should use a mild soap solution and a soft brush to gently scrub the pieces inside and out. After cleaning, you should store your jewelry in protective cases away from direct sunlight for several days to ensure no condensation occurs again. Allowing condensation to evaporate also allows odors to dissipate completely before wearing your jewelry again.

At this point, you may choose between washing all your jewelry or only some of your pieces individually. Some people choose to wash each piece individually; they simply place their jewelry in a plastic bag and wash it at home every week or two. Others simply place their jewelry in protective cases when not wearing it and let them air out overnight when not wearing it. Air-drying is an easy way to rid jewelry of odors since no soap solution is needed. However, some people prefer to simply wash their individual pieces by hand with soap and water once a month or so. They find that their hands get tired from scrubbing their own jewelry too often so they pay someone else to do it for them.

Taking good care of your jewelry keeps it looking new and prevents unpleasant smells from occurring. Regular cleaning keeps your jewelry looking shiny and prevents it from becoming tarnished. In addition, carefully storing your jewelry in non-contaminated areas prevents foodstuffs from accumulating inside of it. Failure to properly clean tarnished jewelry will make the job of removing the tarnish nearly impossible without damaging the pieces further by soaking them in chemical cleaners. Instead, ensure good care by cleaning your precious pieces regularly!

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